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20 Jul

The All-Too-Often Talked About Company Culture: An Unofficial Thank You Letter To My Team

By Victoria Knepp, Consultant   Recently I was doing research for a client about company culture. Here’s what I found. This time last year, Gallup reported: 48% of U.S. employees were actively job searching. 74% of employees said they experienced burnout on the job at least “sometimes.” This year, Gallup reports: Fewer than 1 in […]

2 Jun

Focus on the Long-Term: 3 Easy Tips to Get Out of the Grips of Short-Term Distractions

By Elyn Buscani, Account Manager In February, our entire agency did something rarely found these days: we spent most of a day in-person, working on long-term strategic planning. (To illustrate the difficulty in focusing on the long-term, a spike in COVID-19 positivity rates pushed this event a month later than intended.) If you’ve also been […]

15 Oct

Four Eyes ARE Better Than Two – Part II

By Libby Esterle, Senior Account Executive About a year ago, I wrote a blog emphasizing the importance of carefully proofreading everything we draft and used a humorous personal Facebook post as an example. But, some things never change, and the need to carefully proof EVERYTHING we do at our Cincinnati marketing and communications firm, is […]

30 Apr

Four Eyes ARE Better Than Two

By Libby Esterle Senior Account Executive At Rasor Marketing Communications, we firmly believe in having “two sets of eyes” on everything we draft, especially before it is sent to our clients. Why? Because, regardless of spell check, things can get missed—especially by the original author. A perfect example came when I posted the following on […]

17 Jan

3 things your marketing communications agency isn’t telling you

By Erika Turan Senior Account Executive For 15 years, I worked in corporate public relations and marketing departments. Some were big, some were small. But they gave me a unique perspective now that I work on the other side of the coin in a marketing agency. So as someone who was once in your shoes, […]