30 Apr

Four Eyes ARE Better Than Two

By Libby Esterle

Senior Account Executive

At Rasor Marketing Communications, we firmly believe in having “two sets of eyes” on everything we draft, especially before it is sent to our clients. Why? Because, regardless of spell check, things can get missed—especially by the original author.

A perfect example came when I posted the following on Facebook recently:

So, our ‘hood was out of power for roughly 20 early this evening. Really, just long enough to locate and light some candles. In that time, I heard:

  • “Everyone stay calm, it’s gonna be ok.”- My husband (sarcastically, I hope, given that it was still light outside) http://www.bt.cdc.gov/disasters/poweroutage/needtoknow.asp
  • “What did you guys do when you were young and the power went out? How did you charge your devices?”–Our 11-year-old
  • “We didn’t HAVE ‘devices’ back then.”– My husband
  • And finally: “Where are my winter boots? My feet are going to get cold with no electricity.”– Our 7-year-old (Notably, it was 83 degrees at the time and still somewhat sunny).

To which my sister Scooter (not her real name) promptly commented all the way from MN:

Roughly 20 what?”

To which I responded via comments:

Dang it, Scooter. You really SHOULD become an editor/proofreader. 20 minutes, not hours or days…”

Shamed and amused, I immediately revised my post to read:

UPDATE: Grammatically correct post thanks to my sister’s eagle eyes:

“So, our ‘hood was out of power for roughly 20 minutes early this evening. Really, just long enough to locate and light some candles….”

To which Scooter responded with:

I charge a flat rate of $50. But since you’re family I’ll give you a discount. $85.00”

The lesson here? Even when you are trying to be witty on a personal page, it pays to read, re-read and when possible, have someone else review, your musings.  Also, if you live anywhere near “Scooter” she is a bargain when it comes to proofreading and editing. Unless you are family.

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