17 Jan

3 things your marketing communications agency isn’t telling you

By Erika Turan

Senior Account Executive

For 15 years, I worked in corporate public relations and marketing departments. Some were big, some were small. But they gave me a unique perspective now that I work on the other side of the coin in a marketing agency.

So as someone who was once in your shoes, here are a few things your marketing communications agency may not be telling you:

1.     They can do a better job for you if you share your budget. Contrary to popular belief, a reputable agency* isn’t just waiting for you to give them a big number so they can inflate their fees and charge you $300 for a pot of coffee in one of your agency/client meetings. If you share your budget early in the process, it keeps your agency from flying blind. They’ll know if your budget will leave room for extras that will really add frosting to an already great cake, or if an economical approach is a better one. They’ll also know if they’re the right firm for you. Some agencies specialize in servicing larger accounts, so a small budget may mean you’re a better fit for an agency that operates specifically to service smaller accounts.

2.     They really, really want to partner with you. Your agency will perform better for you if you can establish a level of trust that’s comparable to what you have with your own staff. Your agency contacts need to know if there’s a new product on the horizon, or if you’re anticipating a shake-up in your own department. Sharing changes and challenges, big and small, will allow your agency to quickly adapt and anticipate with revised plans if necessary.

3.     You’re probably getting added value, and you may not even know it. A good agency gets the job done well, on time, and on budget. A great agency does all that, but with an extra oomph of creativity and customer service. It’s what our team does every day, for every client. And sometimes that means we spend more time on work than we initially estimated. But our clients never pay more than that original estimate. It’s added value for our clients, often done quietly, and your agency may do it too.

*You do have a reputable agency, right? You got references, your work is delivered on time, the people are pleasant to work with, they have plenty of proven results to share with you…wait. Did you answer “no” to any of these questions? Give us a shout.