22 Feb

Three Tips for Producing an Animated Video About Your Public Works Project

Second only to Facebook, the video-sharing social media site, YouTube, is one of the most-used social media platforms. This says a lot about an Internet user’s preference for video. Video should be included in your public involvement approach since it’s an increasingly popular way to explain information, and can enhance your ability to reach your audience. Below are three best practices for creating an animated video about your public works project.


Keep it interesting with a variety of images.

  • Rather than show one animated map for the entire duration of your video, include a variety of designed maps, real photos of the area and other graphics to keep the viewer’s attention.


Use the images with the script.

  • Make sure you’re balancing your voiceover smoothly with your visuals. You don’t have to over-explain where your improvements are located if you’re circling it on the map in your video.


Don’t make your video longer than three minutes.

  • With all the constant content being pushed at today’s audience, their attention spans are short. Your video should be as succinct as possible, and not longer than two to three minutes.


For examples of videos we’ve written and produced that explain public works projects in the Greater Cincinnati area, click here and here.