8 Mar

Measuring Your Healthcare Marketing Metrics: How to be a Rockstar

We have all been in that meeting with the hospital leadership team. The one where you prepared for days to discuss the ins and outs of your comprehensive marketing communications strategy. Then the conversation takes a very sudden turn to an entirely different area of focus and everyone is excited about moving in that direction. Fast. “What did we spend in that area last year? What were the results on social media? What happened after we ran that ad campaign?” And then it happens. Every head turns to you and wants an answer. Now.

If this scenario happened yesterday, you might give your best attempt at a very thoughtful face and respond, “These are fantastic ideas and questions – I will go pull some information to help guide us and get back with you later this afternoon.” And then you’d hope the data you needed could be easily found and accessed – and that the expectations of your team’s other clients to complete work on deadline could be assuaged so you could now devote a few hours to tracking down data measurements.

But it is not yesterday, it is today. And you have Market Vitals on your phone, an innovative app that tells you everything you need to know about your own data. When the conversation takes its turn, you quietly pull up the app and run a comparison on volume, spend and system revenue. You confidently respond to the questions at hand and your team moves forward with the development of a brand new program as a result. Time and energy are saved and your marketing team looks like rock stars.

After decades spent working both as a hospital marketing director and with clients in similar roles, I knew both the need to make the mountains of data work smarter and harder, and the pressure hospital marketers face to report results and justify budgets. Not only is Market Vitals convenient in its app form, it also provides relevant key data allowing your team to access critical data on the go.

With my team’s 75+ years in healthcare marketing experience, we developed this responsive, real-time marketing tool that allows your team to access dozens of core metrics and compare results on a quarterly basis. We even vetted Market Vitals’ metrics against those singled out as most important by the Society for Healthcare Marketing and Strategy Development (SHSMD). Read more in the white paper “Life Beyond Promotion: Core Metrics for Measuring Marketing’s Financial Performance,” authored by SHSMD.
Market Vitals carefully measures eight critical healthcare marketing areas:

  • Market Spend
  • Call-To-Action Response
  • Preference
  • Market Share
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Revenue
  • Volume

These data elements keep you focused on the important performance components and tune out the noise. In turn, you can craft smarter, more defensible strategy; work more closely and build trust with the C-suite; and move more nimbly than the competition to connect with potential patients.

Learn more with a free 15-minute webinar. Join the other leading-edge hospitals using Market Vitals to start making your data work harder for you, today.