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10 Oct

In Our Taylor Era: Why Good Brand Stewardship Makes Good Business Sense

My older daughter Shelby became a Swiftie right around second grade. We were watching live when Kanye snatched the mic from 17-year-old Taylor. The Red Tour at Rupp Arena was Shelby’s first big concert. When Swift surprise-dropped folklore in the middle of quarantine, she brought a smile to my girl’s face for the first time […]

1 Aug

Five Questions to Ask When Planning Your Next Event

Think about the last time you went to an event. You likely walked in knowing what to expect out of it. You maybe had a nametag, a seating assignment, and an agenda. You probably knew who else was going to be there. Maybe there was live music, signature cocktails, or finessed presentations. It felt easy, […]

15 Jun

Trip Advisor―An Unofficial Guide to Effective Travel Marketing

  My husband and I recently took a road trip to my home state of Minnesota to visit family and friends, covering five states and logging just under 2,000 miles in seven days. Along the way I was struck by how effectively relatively simple marketing grabbed my attention as co-pilot, from interesting roadside signage and […]

9 Dec

Your Fruit Punch Has a Face, Bread Dough Can Giggle and Your Appliances are Actually People

By Victoria Knepp, Account Associate Did that title sound weird to you? Well, it should. If I said Kool-Aid, Pillsbury and Maytag, would that make a little more sense? Make the connection? That right there folks, is the brilliance of brand personification. I’m sure by now you’ve seen the Maytag Man campaign, and if you […]

6 Mar

He Ransacks! He Cuddles! Chobani Yogurt Finds an Unlikely Mascot in a Bear

By Erika Turan, APR Senior Account Executive Chobani is a relative newcomer to the yogurt game but has already become the de facto mac daddy of the industry. Founded in 2007 with less than $1 million in loans by a 40-year-old Turkish immigrant, the company has since grown to exceed $1 billion in sales. Before […]