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6 Mar

He Ransacks! He Cuddles! Chobani Yogurt Finds an Unlikely Mascot in a Bear

By Erika Turan, APR Senior Account Executive Chobani is a relative newcomer to the yogurt game but has already become the de facto mac daddy of the industry. Founded in 2007 with less than $1 million in loans by a 40-year-old Turkish immigrant, the company has since grown to exceed $1 billion in sales. Before […]

18 Nov

5 Tips to Create a Buzz-Worthy Brand Campaign

By: Jimmy Caccamo, Intern Working at a Cincinnati marketing agency, I get to work with many different brands every day. I have come across a lot of great campaigns that have generated a tremendous amount of brand exposure. Those campaigns include Heineken’s  #dropped campaign, and Swiffer’s meet Lee and Morty Kaufman commercial. It begs the […]