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26 Jun

The Myth of “Likes” and “Follows” and Other New Insights

By: Kasi Detmer, Account Associate As Cincinnati marketing professionals, we like to stay informed of new studies relating to our field. A new study by 140 Proof and digital think tank IPG Media is now offering new insight into the way that social media users interact with brands on these platforms. The main takeaway of […]

29 May

7 Industries That Can Thrive on Pinterest

By: Jimmy Caccamo, Account Associate Working at a Cincinnati based marketing firm, I need to constantly monitor different social media channels. The social media scene grows every day. There are new apps and social networks appearing overnight and the days of being solely on Facebook have long since passed. Do these networks have a chance […]

27 Mar

What Embedded Facebook Posts Can Do for You and Your Business

By Kasi Kinnett, Account Associate Facebook has yet another new tool for the business owner or marketing strategist. Following in Twitter’s footsteps, Facebook is now allowing embedded posts. What does this mean? Simply put, a public Facebook post can be put right onto a website and appears as it does on Facebook, the exact same […]

20 Mar

Teens Embarrassed to Be on Facebook

By Kasi Kinnett, Account Associate Teens are leaving Facebook in droves, according to a study done by GlobalWebIndex (GWI). This comprehensive social media study showed that at the beginning of 2013, Facebook had a drop of 29 percent among active teen users, and an 11 percent drop overall in 2013. The reason for this decrease […]

19 Feb

Are You Happy at Work?

Kasi Kinnett, Intern Recently published an article about keeping employees happy. It seems that employees are 70 percent more likely to search for a new job after returning from vacation than any other time. Why is this a negative, and how can this be lessened? When employees are not happy not only does it […]

10 Dec

Hot Dogs in Your Pizza Crust, Anyone?

Hot Dogs in Your Pizza Crust, Anyone? My fascination with Pizza Hut runs long and deep. It started when I was a kid, and Friday night family outings were elevated to another level when we went to Pizza Hut, had a Supreme Pan Pizza, a pitcher of Diet Pepsi and permission to insert as many […]

3 Dec

Why a Clear Brand Identity Will Improve Your Business

Why a Clear Brand Identity Will Improve Your Business This years Digital Dialogue Conference featured plenty of insightful presentations, and honestly I left the conference feeling energized. Pride for Cincinnati as well as the communications and marketing fields were common themes among the speakers. And as with many networking events I’ve attended, getting together with […]

6 Nov

Are All Weaknesses Really Opportunities in Disguise? Thoughts on the SWOT Analysis

By: Kaity Dunn, Account Associate I lead a volunteer team for a community group at my church, and recently we met to do a SWOT analysis of the group in preparation for 2014. This was interesting for me, because we do this often in the public relations world for our clients in Cincinnati. SWOT stands […]