27 Mar

What Embedded Facebook Posts Can Do for You and Your Business

By Kasi Kinnett, Account Associate

Facebook has yet another new tool for the business owner or marketing strategist. Following in Twitter’s footsteps, Facebook is now allowing embedded posts. What does this mean? Simply put, a public Facebook post can be put right onto a website and appears as it does on Facebook, the exact same dimensions, links and all.

The process is simple: hover over the audience portion of the post to verify that it is public, if it is the globe icon will be there. Click on the dropdown menu on the post and choose “embed post.” Once this is chosen, a box will appear with the code to be copy and pasted into your website.

So why embed Facebook posts? There are a few reasons. One of the cool features of the embedded post is that it is interactive. A reader may come across the embedded post in a blog rather than on Facebook. The reader can then click the “share” button on the embedded post and share to their Facebook account right from the blog. Now your post has double the chances of being seen, liked, shared, or having a link followed.

Working at a Cincinnati marketing company, these features can be important tools. This is a way to engage potential customers and clients where they are as opposed to just Facebook. It’s also a great way to share good Facebook content. Embedded posts also mean guaranteed brand consistency as the voice and message are staying exactly the same. Another situation where this might be helpful? If your blog get tons of hits, but your Facebook page is not as popular. Embedded posts in your blog will increase Facebook interest among the public.

Now that screenshots and copied texts are no longer required to share Facebook content, businesses are finding new ways to use this tool to boost awareness and engagement.