29 May

7 Industries That Can Thrive on Pinterest

By: Jimmy Caccamo, Account Associate

Working at a Cincinnati based marketing firm, I need to constantly monitor different social media channels. The social media scene grows every day. There are new apps and social networks appearing overnight and the days of being solely on Facebook have long since passed. Do these networks have a chance for survival? Can a social media site like Pinterest rise to the status level of Facebook or Twitter? It definitely looks that way. So why should you be interested in Pinterest? What makes it special? Here are just a few reasons to get your toes wet.

Now that you’ve dipped your toes into the growing world of Pinterest you need to decide if it’s really the best place for your brand to spend time. There is no doubt the consumer spending power behind Pinterest is intriguing to brands, but is it right for your brand? I broke down the top seven industries that can really thrive on Pinterest. Even if your brand doesn’t fit into one of these seven categories it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into Pinterest. It just means you might not want to invest too much of your marketing dollars into this social media platform. The infographic below provides a list of the top seven trends on Pinterest.

Food, recipes, diet (13 percent), beauty and hair (13 percent) are the most popular categories on Pinterest while clothing, parties/celebrations and projects (8 percent) – whether it’s a DIY or a project in general – rank second in terms of search categories on Pinterest.  Finally, home and garden (7 percent), and art and photography ranked third (7 percent) on the social media platform.  All of these search categories create a combined total of 64 percent of searched categories. If your brand fits into one of these buckets, you have a good chance of being recognized.