22 Mar

Tips for Effective Public Works Project Email Subject Lines

The email subject line is critical for your public works projects email campaigns. A well-crafted subject line can immediately grab the recipient, and engage them into opening the email. But a poorly directed subject line will result in the email hitting the trash folder. Below are tips for writing effective email subject lines.

  1. Keep it short and sweet.
  • If an email subject line is too long, it can get cut off on mobile devices, which will negatively affect your open rate.
  1. Be specific.
    • If your email update is about a specific road project or closure, include the name of the project and the date of the closure. So instead of saying something general, like “County Project Update,” change it to “Harrison Bridge Update: Your Commute Next Week.”
  1. Try A/B testing:
    • A/B testing is when you change one variable of your email. In this case it would be the email subject line; send it out to one half of your stakeholder list, and the other half has another email subject line. You can then compare which half of your list opened the most emails, to see which email subject line worked the best.

***Bonus tip:

  1. Don’t use an email address that includes “noreply” in the name when sending out your updates. It’s impersonal and can cause your email to go straight to the trash.