18 Nov

5 Tips to Create a Buzz-Worthy Brand Campaign

By: Jimmy Caccamo, Intern

Working at a Cincinnati marketing agency, I get to work with many different brands every day. I have come across a lot of great campaigns that have generated a tremendous amount of brand exposure. Those campaigns include Heineken’s  #dropped campaign, and Swiffer’s meet Lee and Morty Kaufman commercial.

It begs the question: what could you do with a brand that had a huge advertising budget? What would you create? Now, for most of us, an unlimited advertising budget is probably not going to happen. So what should you do if you have a limited budget?

Here are five tips to use when deciding how to create a buzz-worthy, stellar brand campaign:

1. Authenticity – We are social beings, so naturally we can pick up what others will like, but you must present it in a way that has never been seen before. Bringing an idea in that blends well with your brand, and has also never been seen before can make your brand top of mind and make you an innovator in your industry.

2. Social Media – Every brand campaign you put together must incorporate social media. Social media is a huge way members of society interact with one another. If you want your campaign to spread like wildfire you must integrate social media channels relevant to your target market. If your target market is young teens, Facebook may not be where you spend most of your efforts, but instead invest in Instagram or Twitter.

3. Buzz-worthiness – What does that mean, buzz-worthiness? It’s your campaign’s ability to attract your target market and empower them to share your campaign with friends. How do you do this? Use an idea that relates to a majority of your target market. Find something they can relate to and they can be a part of. Humor alone won’t get your campaign to stick. Finding something that taps into their passions will get long-term results. Consumers need to feel compelled to share your campaign content and be reminded to purchase what you are offering.

4. The Five Sense Appeal – This is a big one. It is all about visual in today’s world. You could have the greatest message out there, but no one is going to pick up on it if there is no visual appeal. If you want to generate the most out of a campaign, make sure you can engage in all five senses. If you can touch all five senses at some point throughout your consumers journey during your campaign you will be successful. For example a picture is good, but a video, with its ability to deliver sound and emotion, is better.

5. Communication – Anyone can come up with a creative idea, but can they deliver it effectively and in as few words as possible? This is where most campaigns fail. Have you ever played the game telephone? Well imagine playing that game and add a hundred people trying to whisper in your ear at the same time! If you can effectively communicate and find the same wavelength as your target market, you will be the only whisper they hear. This is no easy task, but effective when used correctly.

These five ideas are crucial elements to a successful campaign. Traditional advertising still works for mass appeal and is still very effective, but if you are tight on budget and need to gain consumers these ideas can go a long way and begin to instill brand loyalty.

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