13 Nov

Breaking Through the Noise, Because It’s Loud

By: Jimmy Caccamo, intern

Branding is one of the most important tools in a company’s tool belt. Branding can separate you from the competition, deliver brand loyalty from your target market and create company growth.  Branding is, in essence, what helps easily diversify the marketplace. Since social media has been introduced businesses have found new ways to incorporate strategy into the different types of social media channels. The issue now is with all of the “white noise” social media end-users receive , and all of the algorithms social media companies use to regulate content,  how does a company stand out? Companies are continuously surviving, growing and improving in order to stay ahead of competition. They want to reach consumers in whatever way they can, and with content overload, companies are running into problems. They are told that there are two main ways to have your content seen. These two ways are:

1. Buying it, whether it be in the form of post boost or some other form of paid advertisement
2. Producing even more relevant content every day or every hour in hopes that this content will be seen

These options are manageable but you will be putting more money and time into your social media strategy than the reward you will receive. Instead of wasting precious time and resources continuously posting even more than normal or paying for post boosts, integrate your brand strategy via social media. Red Bull  and Oreo among others are perfect examples.

In order to avoid being swallowed by the SM content ocean, create a plan that will put your brand into your target markets heads above all other competitors. Social media is just a digital form of your business. There is no difference about what you want consumers to do with your business: you want them to see it, want it, need it and purchase whatever you are offering. The main objective is getting consumers to want to search for you. If you brand your business correctly your relevant content will be seen because your following trusts what you have to say.

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