28 Sep

Interview Advice: Just Be You

By Victoria Knepp, Account Associate

Stumbling over words, sweaty armpits and “um…um…um,” are some of the many terrors that so many associate with job interviews. Oftentimes people think of a job interview as a place to embellish themselves, put on their best suit, and speak as eloquently as possible. These are all great practices, but I say just be yourself. Maybe easier said than done in an interview setting, but here are my four steps to just being you.

First things first.
Before any interview it is important to have your resume and portfolio prepared. Double and triple check your resume to avoid any spelling errors. From my experience, make sure your resume doesn’t spell Cincinnati as “Cincinnnati…” Talk about embarrassing (especially in our industry!). Gather a portfolio of your most favorite work so you don’t just tell the interviewees about how great your work is, you show them what you’re interested in and what you can do with that interest.

Don’t just say what they want to hear.
Research the company you’re interviewing with. Learn what their values are, their mission and vision, who you’re interviewing with, what other organizations and foundations they do work with and make sure it is something your values and interests align with. In my mind, being able to stand behind a company’s foundation and values is essential to being passionate and content in your job.

Brag, but don’t overdo it.
Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself. The only thing your interviewers know about you is what you’ve put on paper. Be able to talk about not only your work, but what you love about doing it. Let your personality shine. One of the main purposes of an interview of course is to see if you’re qualified, but also to see if you’ll fit in with the group. The marketing communications industry is incredibly team oriented and they’re looking to see if you’ll be a great addition to their team.

Hold your head high.
I’m sure you’ve always been told that first impressions make a difference, and I have to say it’s the same with interviews. Have confidence in yourself, look the part, talk the part and walk the part. Appear excited to be there, which by all the research you’ve done, you should be. But, remember, if you give an exceptional answer with a blank facial expression, it isn’t nearly as impactful. Your body language and facial expressions speak just as loud as your words, if not louder.

There are countless lists of interview tips everywhere, and these are just a few more. As you embark on your journey of interviewing, I’m sure you’ll even come up with some tips of your own.