12 Oct

Fluffy Butts = Stress Relief. Why You Should Consider an Office Pet

By Abby Brown, Creative Associate


A few weeks ago, I had the dignified duty of dogsitting for my parents while they went on vacation. By “dignified duty,” I mean a wonderfully exhausting week of handling an animal that’s a bit more high-maintenance than my fat cat. Our resident employee who is allergic to dogs was on her honeymoon, so I took the opportunity to convince everyone that I should bring in Riley. She fit in perfectly. Example A:


Besides having adorable photoshoots with Riley doing office things, I realized there’s value in having a stress-relieving tool in your workspace. This could range from a daily walking route to a supply of emergency chocolate in your desk, but here are a few reasons to consider making your furry friend a part of your work family.

Stress Reliefimg_4140 

Did you know that just petting a dog can reduce blood pressure and heart rate? Hanging out with a fluffy baby can turn any stressful meeting or bad day around. Just look at this precious face. How am I supposed to be stressed when I have such a cheerful office assistant?


Studies show that walking and staying active throughout the work day can increase creativity. Unless you’re playing Pokémon Go on your lunch break (guilty as charged), you might need some extra motivation to get up and moving. Taking your dog on a quick walk is the perfect way to take ten minutesimg_4343 away from your desk and regroup your thoughts. It’s also a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and catch some Pokémon.


Animals have a way of bringing people together, and office pets are no exception. According to a study conducted by Central Michigan University, dogs can actually help foster trust and collaboration in business environments. Pets can also help make employees feel more at home and comfortable in their office. I felt very at home when Riley got too needy and decided she wanted to cuddle, despite the fact that she’s a bit too large to be a lap dog.


Not a dog person? Cats can have similar effects, but unless your feline is especially cooperative, best of luck on the leash walking. Allergic to both cats and dogs? Pick up a plant. They’re not as cute, but can also help your productivity.