5 Feb

15 Words People Like… And a Few They Don’t (hint: one of the biggest offenders rhymes with “joist”)

By: Libby Esterle, Senior Account Executive

As a member of a Cincinnati-based marketing and communications agency, words are a big part of my life. Given this, over the years, I’ve come to favor some words over others.

Same goes for names. In fact, one of the reasons I became an Esterle is because I saw my future husband’s name on a list of references I needed to call when I was an IT recruiter long ago and far away. But that’s a story for a different blog.

So, I decided to put my suave social media marketing skills to the test and poll some of my Facebook friends to find out:

A) What is one of their favorite words?

B) What is one of their least favorite words?

C) Why?

The responses I received came quickly and ranged from funny to personal to insightful. See for yourself:

Mark S.

Like: “Hola!”- It is a fantastic greeting and it reminds me of warmer climates.
Dislike:  “Moist”- It just sounds creepy in almost every context.

Amanda W.

Like: “Sunshine”- It just brightens a day, not to mention a mood.

Dislike: “Winter” – For us and your family and friends here, it’s COLD right now!

Gregg K.

Like: “Daddy”- I love hearing my kids call me daddy.

Dislike: “Dead”- I’m not a fan of being dead.

Sara M. aka “Scooter”

Like: “Ickykaboobles”- courtesy of Jeff D., and “pardon” courtesy of Dad (Note: Sara/Scooter may or may not be my sister).
Dislike: “And I was raised not to hate, so I have no words I hate.” (Note: She also may or may not be sarcastic).

Lisa M.

Like: “Serendipity” – It’s just fun to say

Dislike: “Hate” – It’s just an ugly word

Jeff H.

Like: “Serve”

Dislike: “Can’t”

Catherine K.

Like: “Empathy”

Dislike: “Nausea”-It sounds gross and feels miserable!

Todd B.

Like: “Namaste” and “Neuroplasticity”- Is also a pretty cool word in case any of you are drawing a blank.
Dislike: “Hashtag”- Or ANY overused corporate cliché buzzwords people use to sound intelligent or “on board.” Others include but are not limited to: “Strategic”, “Solutions”, “Streamline”, “Robust”, “Synergy”and “Paradigm.”

Sara S.

Like: “Indubitably”

Dislike: “Signage” and “Moist”- It’s a tie between these two for me.

Christine G.

Like: “Waffle” and “Labyrinth”

Anita T.

Like: “Sunny”- Who can say anything bad about the word sunny?

Dislike: “Dingle berry”- Why does it even have to have a name?

Dane B.

Like: “Pseudoantidisestablishmentarianism” and “Antidisestablishmentarianism” – Ok, I’m showing off but they are fun to say!

Dislike: “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanocon” and “Harpo”- They are tied for yuck.

Jean M.

Like: “Sheboygan”- Just fun to say, although not my favorite place.

Dislike: “Moisture”- Sounds icky!

Tracee B.

Dislike: “Moist” and “Maybe” -Because when someone says “maybe” they are noncommittal and can’t make a choice which usually leads to my life being more difficult.

Dena D.

Like: “Dilapidated” – I think it is so fun to say and I never get to!
Dislike: “Hate”- It’s such a negative word

LaNay K.

Like: “Ergo” – I used it in all my papers senior year of college (and many in grad school). My roommates & I thought it made us sound smart!

Dislike: “Moist” and “Merge” -To me, merge doesn’t sound like what it means and hardly anyone does it right!

As for me, well, I know my husband hates it when I use the word “eschew” so naturally I use it as much as possible in his presence. I’m also partial to “decorum”, “accoutrement”, “wonky” and “je ne sais quoi.” And while I was actually hard-pressed to come up with one word I REALLY despise, I guess I don’t much care for “mucus” or “cornhole.”

And despite several people’s dislike for the word “moist”, I just don’t have a problem with it, especially when it comes to baked goods!


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