26 Mar

Why You Need a Great Marketing Communications Agency

By Erika Turan, APR

Senior Account Executive

There are at least a hundred good reasons to think about hiring a marketing communications agency. Here are a few reasons to think about hiring a great marketing communications agency.

1.     Because they can provide an outside perspective.

Before working in an agency, I spent 15 years in corporate communications. There were staffers to manage, budget reports to complete, a million meetings to attend and more politicking than a Boehner/Obama budget meeting.

A great marketing communications agency is a neutral party that can help you rise above the fray and concentrate on the big picture.

2.     They may have more in-depth experience with local media landscape.

You’re good at what you do. You’re a PR practitioner with contacts that run long and deep. So why would you turn to a marcom agency for help? Because their contacts will run across industries, across regions and across the country. By virtue of the diversity of an agency’s work, their contacts may run even longer and deeper than yours, and can yield greater results.

3.     This is what they do. All day long.

You know those budget reports, millions of meetings, staffers to manage and grandstand politicking I mentioned earlier? Your day is probably packed full of at least one or two of these.

A great marcom agency doesn’t have these distractions. They do marketing communications work all the live long day. Usually until the cows come home. Sometimes longer.

4.     Help you craft an outstanding marketing plan.

When was the last time you had time to look at your marketing plan? Wait, do you even have a marketing plan?

Don’t fret if you answered “a)I don’t know, b)that’s a sore subject or c)go away, I’m huddled in the corner” to any of those questions.

That’s why great marketing communications agencies exist. Your partner agency will dig in to all of that data and research you didn’t have time to look at (or mine for data you don’t have), and translate it into a well-thought out plan…

5.     …and then help you execute on that plan.

A great marketing communications agency will then become your quiet rock of support, executing the tactics in your super-smart plan so you can do the rest of your job. And will do it with very little baloney.

I’m Erika Turan. And I work for a great marketing communications agency in Cincinnati.