25 Jan

Three Content Ideas For Your Public Works Social Media Accounts

The beauty of social networking sites, whether you’re in Cincinnati or Sacramento, is that you control your message. With billions of users on Facebook and millions on Twitter, social media helps you meet people where they are, which is a huge benefit to your public involvement endeavors. Once you’ve set up your accounts on the social networking sites on which you’d like your organization to have a presence, your next step is develop a plan for your content. Of course you’ll want to post news and updates about your project as it occurs, and below are three more ideas that will help you maintain a consistent presence while engaging with your followers in between project news.

 Repost and retweet the content of your partners of the project.

Usually the county, the Engineer’s Office and other government entities have social media accounts that you can share and link to from your page with an introduction that relates back to your project work.

Repost and share news about local businesses.

Many public works projects increase the economic vitality of an area. Sharing and posting the news of local businesses is a useful way to remind your followers of the economic benefits of your improvements.

Post and share about driving safety.  

If there are severe snow or rain warnings underway, it’s deer season, or the school busses are back out after summer break, it’s always good to post information that’s timely and relevant for drivers.