19 Oct

The Queen City is blogging!

The Queen City is blogging!

I’m a foodie. I like to eat food, cook food, plan food, watch others cook food and read about food. And so it is, most weeks, I find myself reading the Wine Me, Dine Me blog written by a hardcore Cincinnati foodie. She knows everything about festivals and food trucks and new dishes and chefs moving and quirky ingredients and markets and…whew.

Cincinnati is a vibrant town for bloggers and those of us who rely on their network for information that suits our interests. Here’s just a sampling of the Cincinnati-grown blogs you’ll find at your fingertips:

  1. “What to wear, what to wear?” If you ask yourself that question much, you need to read What I Wore Today, a blog by Kasmira Kit. If you didn’t think you could wear knee socks with cowboy boots and a yellow purse, think again. Kit puts together funky, eclectic stylish outfits for her job downtown and looks great. Who says Cincinnati isn’t fashion-forward? http://whatiwore2day.blogspot.com/p/about-and-contact.html
  2. “Which high school did I go to? You’ve never heard of it.” I’m a transplant to Cincinnati. I’ve been here for about 16 years, longer than I’ve ever lived anywhere else, but I’m still a Nebraskan to most Cincinnatians. People who live in Cincinnati, both those born here and those who moved here, think this is unique to Cincinnati. It’s not. Even the most transient of cities have a large segment of their population who have lived there for their entire lives.

    But if you moved to Cincinnati and you’re finding it difficult to meet others, never fear – a blog is here! Check out the Cincinnati Imports blog, dedicated to networking friendships among those who didn’t know goetta from Garfield until they moved here. http://cincinnatiimports.blogspot.com/

  3. “They’ve been talking about the streetcar fooorrreeeevvverrr. Sigh.” You’ve heard of Cincinnati’s plans for a streetcar but, um, well, are they doing it? Um…

    Yep, construction is underway, and the streetcar has its own blog to provide you updates on progress. http://cincystreetcar.wordpress.com/

  4. “I want to buy local. But I only shop at Target.” Neighborhoods are to Cincinnati what technicolor was to Joseph’s dream coat.  In other words, Cincinnati’s neighborhoods rock. And a lot of them are chock-a-block full of independently owned shops and boutiques, many with locally-sourced merchandise. BuyCincy is the blog for you if you’d like to learn more. http://www.buycincy.com/
  5. “I’m a fan of the arts.” Cincinnati has a thriving, really, really diverse art scene. Of course there’s the Cincinnati Art Museum, the ballet, the symphony…but there are also theaters big and small, and organ concerts, and rock concerts, and local circus stages, and hula dancers and an opera…whew. Just try to keep up with it. Good thing there’s a blog that provides lots of updates and information.  http://cincinnati.com/blogs/arts/


This is just the tip of the iceberg. Peck around, and you’ll find Cincinnati blogs dedicated to interests big and small. Happy reading!

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