17 Oct

The interest in Pinterest: should your business be on it?

The interest in Pinterest: should your business be on it?

Pinterest set the marketing world on fire this year and every mother, bride and DIY-hopeful created virtual pinboards of their hearts’ desires on the Internet. As Pinterest’s first growth spurt comes to a plateau we wonder – should all businesses be a part of the virtual visual wonderland? Whether your company is B2B or B2C, take a look at these three questions to see if Pinterest is the right tool for your company:

1. Who is your target market?

Pinterest is composed of an overwhelmingly female demographic – over 90% of its users are women. The majority of those women are ages 25-44 – young women, mothers and soon-to-be empty nesters. The most popular board topics are home décor, weddings, style and cooking. If your product isn’t appealing to women, it is likely you won’t see many repins in your future.

2. What do you offer that’s “pinnable”?

Pinterest is a visual site – and users share visually appealing products more often than not. If your business creates a product, make sure it’s photographed professionally and with a high enough quality that will reproduce well on the Internet. If your business offers a service, make sure the original content you produce online, whether a blog post or an “About Us” page, includes an image that can be pinned and linked back to your site. You should also pin more than just yourself – share valuable content with your followers!

3. Do you have the time?

Like any social media platform, users reap the maximum benefits of Pinterest when it’s used to its full capacity. Without a fleshed out strategy, your rogue pins can diminish to white noise. Pinning with purpose is ultimately more beneficial to your audience and your company.

Think you’re pinnable but don’t have the time? We can help. And if you’re more visually oriented (we’re betting you are), check out this great infographic on if you should start pinning for your business!

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