13 Sep

Distributing a Press Release? Prep the Follow-up Calls!

By Kaity Dunn, Account Associate

One non-negotiable tactic to implement if you work in a Cincinnati public relations agency is to make follow-up calls after sending a press release. I have been surprised to hear some professionals speak as though this practice is optional. Though some refer to follow-up calls as an extra additional service that’s not necessary to the whole press release distribution process, in reality, a follow-up call could be the difference between getting your client’s story placed or getting lost in the shuffle.

Often when I’ve called reporters to check in on my press release, the call served as a reminder to the reporter about my story. Reporters get inundated with emails everyday, so calling will help you stay top-of-mind. It is also useful to check their level of interest, and find out if they have any questions you can help answer. If they had a few questions or doubts, they’ll appreciate you being proactive. Speaking with the reporter over the phone will also help foster a relationship, and over time you’ll get an understanding for what kind of stories they prefer, and you can craft your press release accordingly.

This article, though it focuses on pitching blogs specifically, has more general information about a journalist’s workday and how best to pitch a story.

If you have any questions, you can enter them in the comments section. We’d also love to hear any success stories from PR pros making follow-up calls.

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