17 Sep

Another Word for Awesome

By Erika Turan, APR

Senior Account Executive

I love to write. Words, adjectives, sentences, grammar…it all makes me happy. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of writing for clients of our Cincinnati marketing agency and have found myself seeking out synonyms as I write.
There are as many heavily used words in American business today as there are tween fans of One Direction (which is to say, a surprising number). Words like partnership, align, innovative, solution and advanced get thrown around so often that they’ve started to lose some of their punch.
So if you’re also a writer faced with these overused business words, I’ve found a few good alternatives:
Partnership. Try instead “in tandem” or “collaborate.”
Align. Try instead “agree” or “concur.”
Innovative. Try instead “inventive” or “ingenious.”
Solution. Try instead “answer” or “cure.”
Advanced. Try instead “leading-edge” or “progressive.”
It’s always worth hunting down another way to say something. You’ll either find a richer, more descriptive, more accurate way to say it. Or you’ll realize the first way you had it written can’t be beat.
And another word for awesome? How about incredible, fantastic, superb, excellent, wondrous, magnificent or breath-taking, just to name a few.

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