21 Jun

Three Tips for Taking Photos of Your Public Works Project

By Laura Whitman, APR, Community Relations Consultant


Many things go into creating interesting and visually-compelling communications materials. From targeted email and social media updates to newsletters, posters and handouts, strong visuals– especially photos—are an important tool for grabbing the public’s attention and clearly communicating your messages.


To ensure that your project photos are the best they can be, keep the following three tips in mind:


  • Here Comes the Sun – It’s best to take your photos in the morning, or when it’s slightly overcast, so the sun does not wash out the area you’re photographing.


  • Action Speaks Louder Than Words – Pictures are a lot more interesting when something is happening in them. Try to capture the moment when action is taking place rather than limiting your shots exclusively to showing the end results.


  • On the Road Again –It’s a good idea to give people a point of reference by including street signs or landmarks when possible to indicate your location and reinforce the identity of the project.


When done right, good photos speak volumes. Just take a few moments to plan ahead and then let them do the talking for you.