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27 Feb

A Love Letter to Delta Airline’s Branding

By Erika Turan, APR Senior Account Executive Dear Delta Airlines, I’ve flown with you dozens of times, you’ve gotten me to where I need to go safely and I’ve had some good adventures. And your flight attendants have been mercifully patient when my husband and I were Those Parents who nervously packed way too much […]

30 Oct
23 Jul

How to Get the Best from Customer Service (or, You Get More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar)

By Libby Hagedon Social Media Strategist There comes a time when you’re working on a project and you find yourself stuck. It could be setting up a new TV, putting together a 176-piece IKEA table or in my case, trying to work out the final details of our new e-newsletter. And when you get stuck, […]

26 Jun

Using Talking Points? Better Tell the Employees What to Do With Them

By Erika Turan, APR Senior Account Executive I went to the grocery store the other day. I shop at a mega grocery store chain, and I really dig the place. Prices are good, people are friendly, and selection is great. Recently, the chain announced a change in its coupon policy. I’m a haphazard couponer at […]

29 Oct