10 Feb

Super Bowl 50: A Rasor Recap

By Abby Brown, Creative Associate

Last Sunday, countless American families sat on their couches with enormous amounts of cheese-coated carbs and enjoyed the Super Bowl. If you’re anything like the Rasor staff, you were watching for the ads (and the cheese-coated carbs). We had a blast live-tweeting the event, and here are a few of the big trends we picked up on this year:

Bye Bye, Somber Bowl
In comparison to 2015 (we’re talking about you, Nationwide), this year’s ads brought playful humor to the table. Our personal favorites included T-Mobile’s hilarious use of Steve Harvey and Drake, Bud Light’s clever political spoof, and Snicker’s showcase of Willem Dafoe in a dress. We loved that so many products showed off a light-hearted side to their brand and that no children were harmed in the making of any ads.

Cars Brought Their Game
Car ads are a Super Bowl staple, but this year’s lineup had a diverse range of concepts. Acura reminded us that sports cars pair wonderfully with Van Halen. Jeep crafted a meaningful brand story rooted in their history. Toyota created one of our favorite car chases of all time. Most importantly, we’re currently house hunting in Hyundai’s Ryanville.

Everyone Hopped on the Animal Train
Budweiser ditched the puppy this year, but many other brands decided to feature furry friends in their ads. Heinz and Doritos stuck with classic dog storylines, while some brands like Honda and Marmot branched out to other species. And some brands just took inspiration from the horrible creatures of your nightmares!

We had our favorites and our not-so-favorites, but how about you? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below or tweet to us at @RasorMC. We’re already counting down until next year’s Super Bowl!