3 Feb

Get Your Design On

By Abby Brown, Creative Associate

One of the things I love about working at Rasor is that my fellow employees value design. Being our in-house designer, it’s wonderful to work with people who are open to and excited about how design can strengthen our ideas. Marketing and design are so interconnected, yet many people disregard design as unimportant (how dare they!) Here’s the truth: visual language is everywhere. And guess what? It’s effective, it can drastically affect your message, and it’s inspiring.

Don’t believe me? Check out a few awesome design blogs that will jump-start your creativity and inspire you to see the potential in good design.

Ad Age
Advertising Age (AKA Ad Age) is a wonderful resource for those of us intermixing the worlds of marketing and design. Keep up-to-date on the biggest marketing news, advertising campaigns, and creative industry happenings. You can even become a member to access benefits like printed issues of their magazines, access to their research library, and invites to exclusive events.

The Design Blog
As its name implies, The Design Blog features inspiring works from designers and studios from all over the world. With diverse daily posts, such as Designer of the Week, Web Design Wednesdays, and Friday Freebies, it’s a fantastic way to keep up with the design world. But beware: Shop Hunting Tuesdays will make you spend all your money.

One of my all time favorite blogs, Colossal showcases unique and spectacular works of visual art, including design, photography, illustration, and more. Can you imagine building a sculpture out of 100,000 toothpicks? How about carving landscapes out of books? Check out Colossal’s insane feed and get inspired by the incredible projects happening around the world.

Still not inspired? Don’t worry; Pinterest will always be there for us, even in our darkest hours of creative block.