30 Nov

Social Media Changes You Need to Know (Hint: Video is Taking Over)

Victoria Knepp, Consultant


Recently, the Rasor team got an email from Lynn Corbitt about another – yes another – Facebook algorithm update.

Three things:

One, Lynn is awesome. She keeps us all up to date on the latest industry and client news. In case you’re wondering, she’s also kind, funny, and super cool. (Go ahead, call us biased, but we have the best team!)

Two, if you’re like, “algo-what?” don’t worry. I think there’s a really good blog some really great blogger wrote on algorithms (it’s me – I’m the great blogger – stick around for more attempts at humor). Long story short, algorithms are the invisible (and slightly creepy) robots that run social channels determining what, when, and how you see content on your social feeds.

Three, the fact that social media is constantly changing is the only thing that’s not changing. Here are some of the latest things to know.

Back to Lynn being awesome. Here’s the rundown on the new Facebook update. Your feed is changing, again. If I’m completely honest, it changes so much, I can’t even remember what it was before — maybe they do that so we can’t be too mad at them? Your Facebook Home algorithm is now prioritizing recommended video content from creators. By “video content” they mean those funny, sometimes annoying TikTok-esque videos. All the content from your friends will now be in a totally separate Feeds tab. Video content has been the talk of the town in marketing land for a few years, now. Updates like this continue the evolution of just what kind of video content is trending, and “worthy” of the Facebook algorithm.

Speaking of video, are you still a little leery of diving into the Instagram Reel (aka TikTok videos on Instagram) trend? Instagram announced EVERY video posted will now be classified as a Reel. So, if you have any video content, you can jump on in! Your video content will now be published in the Reels section – you know, where you can sit and scroll and all of a sudden realize it’s been HOW MANY hours?! Plus, they show up on Explore now, too. If you’re just treading water when it comes to making Reels, here are a few great tips.

TikToks and Reels haven’t infiltrated LinkedIn… yet. But, LinkedIn is also jumping on the algorithm update train. LinkedIn’s new update prioritizes people over company pages. So how do you increase engagement on the updates you post on your company page? Enter: your employees. It’s reported that business content shared by employees tends to see double the engagement. Check out these tips on upping your engagement organically.

If your eyes are still crossing or you’re still stuck on algo-whats, we’ve got your back. It’s also very likely there will be more updates from now, as I’m writing this, until now, as you’re reading it. Lucky for you, it is quite literally our job to stay in the know on all things social media. Even luckier, we’d be happy to take on all your social media challenges.