30 Dec

Social Media Resolutions 2015

By Kasi Detmer, Account Associate

Forget working out! Social media is at the heart of what I love and as we near the end of 2014, I’ve created my list of social media resolutions:

  1. Try a new network. Sometimes I find myself in the trap that most folks do who were at a functioning age when social media came into play. I’m stuck in Facebook world. We didn’t grow up with a variety of options for our social media networks, but have remained loyal and true to the first and only in our eyes: Facebook. This is how social media was introduced to us and we’ll never let it go! Kids today see this as the platform their parents and grandparents are on, not really the cutting edge life I aim to lead. This year I am dedicated to spending more time on networks that I’ve only used on a surface level to see what I can get out of them. Reddit, I’m coming for you and I will unlock the mystery of why people love you. Don’t worry though Facebook, we’ll always be besties.
  2. Network free time. Have I already professed my love of social media? This year I aim to pry myself away from it – at least for a little while – and be present when I get home from work. I will tackle the phone out of my husband’s hands, or more realistically my own, and spend at least a few hours without the constant distraction of social media apps as we mumble, “uh huh,” to each other. I am always disappointed when I look up and realize an hour has gone by as we both sit on the couch with our phones to our noses and the TV on. Not to discount the decompression this provides after a long day but this is not life. Social media is a life enhancement.
  3. Clean up your networks. As an organization freak I rarely let this get away from me, but occasionally I’ll see a company come across my news feed and think, I really need to delete that. 2015 is the year of no more delaying! I will keep my interests up to date and my newsfeeds relevant.
  4. Don’t be a voyeur. I am not guilty of this but am challenging those out there who are to make a change. I see not only my husband but many of my friends spending just as much time on social networks as I do, but never participating! This is a situation of the more you put into it the more you get out of it. Post a few status updates, comment on a high school friend’s photo and see if it enriches your experience. Still not for you? No problem, you can easily slink back into the shadows, but maybe you’ll learn to love it.