22 Dec

Winning the B2B Content Marketing Battle: Part 2

By Jimmy Caccamo, Account Associate

In my last blog I discussed content marketing and how B2B companies have difficulty on the content marketing front. In order to produce great content marketing you need to set some goals. What do you wish to accomplish? Raise awareness, promote a new service, portray company culture, etc.?

After you’ve defined your goal you need to think about your brand ideal. Three great examples of this are expressed by Marketo, Constant Contact and GE.

  1. Marketo has created some creative boards that exemplify company culture, useful infographics related to their business functions and humorous memes related to email marketing.
  2. Constant Contact has turned their helpful content into quick, simple visuals.
  3. GE has portrayed their core values of innovation and shown the power of building things that truly can change the world.

All of these B2B companies focused on the very root of their business. They focused on their business ideal, repurposed it for social media and shared these ideas through Pinterest, a social media platform built for visual posts.

When you begin thinking about your next content marketing campaign, I hope you find inspiration from these three examples. Find what your company truly does well and repurpose your content. Almost anything we do can be turned into a visual, so think outside of the box and restart your content marketing machine.