20 Jan

Planning a Wedding or Planning a Marketing Campaign? Tips and Tools for Both

By Victoria Sabato, Account Associate 

In a world of “Friday Bride Days” on TLC, wedding fantasy Pinterest boards, the ever-so-famous The Knot and Wedding Wire online planning tools, plus my own wedding coming up in less than six months now, I’m surrounded by all wedding everything.

The day I got engaged I cried, laughed and even screamed a little bit, but instead of the typical Snapchat or social media post, I went to my computer to make a spreadsheet. A spreadsheet. I’ll admit it, loud and proud. I included a page for every detail we’d need to consider, venue, florists, invitees, music, and of course, cake. The more planning I do, the more I notice there are countless elements to wedding planning that are so similar to my job in a marketing communications agency.

Dependable and smooth, just like your best man.
I adore a good timeline. The marketing communications world runs on deadlines: getting a media pitch out there before the news breaks, finalizing a client presentation, or scheduling social media to maximize engagement, to name a few. If an agency does its job well, they do things on a deadline.

A timeline keeps you on track and ensures each item on the list gets checked off smoothly. In my mind, lists give you two things: one, simply what needs to be accomplished and when, and two (definitely my favorite part) the glory of crossing something off when you’ve finished it.

The sassy – yet abundantly loved – maid of honor.
Details, details, details. If I’ve learned one thing throughout my schooling and my time here at Rasor Marketing Communications, it’s that it is essential to be detail oriented. It’s the little things clients and their audiences notice that go a long way.

The same goes for weddings. Details can cause some friction and some sass, but they are both necessary and appreciated.

Two is always better than one.
Especially when it comes to wedding planning, there’s a lot to handle, but it doesn’t have to be done alone. One of Rasor Marketing Communications’ golden rules is to have two sets of eyes on anything before it goes to a client or is published. Why? To avoid any silly mistakes and get a fresh perspective.

Everyone has that crazy unpredictable uncle.
Even if you don’t, this generation has social media. Nowadays a catchy hashtag can make or break a marketing communications campaign. People can take a hashtag and run with it, sometimes the wrong way. But, it is also a way to group and organize content if you post about multiple things (like most people do).

Living in the world of hashtags, I naturally wanted one for my wedding, too. It is a creative (and free) way to gather all the postings and pictures of your big day, but also a way to follow all things wedding starting from day one. As I would in writing for a client, I’m inclined to plaster our hashtag everywhere, so shameless plug #TyingTheKnepp. It’s like tying the knot, but Knepp, my soon to-be-last name, get it!?

We still have quite some time to go, then there’s the big day itself, which anyone in event planning knows the event never goes 100 percent as planned, but that’s a blog for another day. But, I’ve got my timeline, my eye for detail, my fiancé by my side, and quite a to-do list. So to the next six months, I’m ready for you!