11 Jun

Five Tips to Help You Write a Blog Post

Kaity Dunn

Account Associate

1. Don’t put pressure on yourself to write a perfect first draft.

If you critique every sentence as you write, the writing process will feel forced and painful. When writing the first draft, let your ideas flow on the page. You should shoot for a “bad” first draft. The mantra I think of while I write comes from one of my college professors, who said, “writing is rewriting.”  So, consider your first draft as a work in process.

This advice can also be called “Ignoring Your Inner Critic.” I first heard about the “inner critic” concept from Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way: http://juliacameronlive.com/ .

2. Turn off your phone and email.

Eliminate distractions! Try for twenty minute blocks of uninterrupted writing time.

3.  Brainstorm with others.

Even if she is not an expert in the topic you’re writing about, a friend can present a new perspective or just be a sounding board as you talk through your idea.

4. Take a walk around the office.

Sometimes when I’m feeling a case of writer’s block, I walk down to the kitchen or get a drink of water. The physical activity sometimes jars an idea loose.

5.  Read Read Read.

Often I’ll write a blog about  an opinion I thought of while reading someone else’s blog, or a blogger left a question unanswered in their post that I will answer in my post.

What other tips have you tried that help get your creative juices flowing?


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