6 Jun

An Open Letter to the Dog

By Mimi Rasor, APR


Dear Dirk —

There are so many things we adore about you being in the family.  Like the way you come running any time someone gets ice from the fridge dispenser.


And it’s adorable that you will put all of your being into chasing a stick…



Doing every trick you know (sit, down, speak – in that order) if we don’t throw it fast enough…


Or jumping like a dolphin when we hold it out for you.


You’re always up for hugs.


And love a good, long drink from the water fountain after a hike.


And finally, it makes us smile to see you taking a nap with one Paw on your favorite toy.


However, we are not amused with your habit of taking one of every pair of slippers I own and hiding them in places unknown. Never the same two slippers, mind you. Always just one of a pair. Really, Dirk? Really?



The One Who Buys Your Food

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