30 Jun

You’re Not Just a Consumer Anymore, You’re a Friend

By Victoria Knepp, Account Associate

When scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed you’re probably liking, commenting, posting and interacting with your friends…unless you’re stalking, in which case I promise I won’t judge. But if you pay close attention, not to the person you’re Facebook stalking, but to the person with whom you’re interacting, chances are you’ve probably liked a brand’s post, shared their video, or at least viewed their content.

For brands it’s not just about selling products or services anymore, it’s all about building relationships with you, the brand’s friend. Brands have learned over the years, much to the credit of marketers like us, that interaction is essential. Not just mere surface level interaction, but emotional connection, a literal laugh out loud, or an“oh-my-gosh-look-at-this” moment.

From a marketing strategy perspective, touching audiences through emotional or lifestyle appeal is a way for brands to set themselves apart from the competition. Think about a brand that you don’t even realize you have a connection with that is deeper than picking it up, paying for it, and bagging it at the store. Think toothpaste, laundry detergent, or shampoo. You just thought of all those product brands you use didn’t you? I sure did. Why would I ever use anything but Crest toothpaste? Growing up that is all I ever used and when I recently moved in with my fiancé and he brought Colgate I genuinely couldn’t use it. It’s like I would be cheating on my long term relationship with Crest… talk about connection right?

With this in mind, I look at the work I am doing in the marketing communications industry and truly see the value in it. When I told my mom on my first day of work that I would be creating and editing Facebook and Twitter posts, she thought I was kidding. But, when I explained to her I would be writing content to reach and engage my clients’ consumers she seemed to understand. And that’s exactly what this industry does.

As one of those so called millennials, I find that more often than not, I see major news stories on social media rather than traditional channels. Think about it, if people are getting their news from social media, this means they’re learning about brands on social media too. If people are searching for people and friending them, they’re probably searching for places and companies and liking them too.

Social media has become a blended atmosphere where I interact with both my co-worker sitting across from me and my favorite toothpaste brand. Some may read this and wonder why someone would want to add to the already cluttered atmosphere of Facebook, but I say, if you actually like a brand and if the interaction is engaging, enjoyable, and beneficial to you (and the brand too) then why not!?

Keep interacting, my friends… that means you too brands!