11 Jan

Your Road Closure Press Release is More Important Than You Think

By Kaity Dunn, Account Executive

Working on the public involvement team at Rasor, I’ve sent out quite a few press releases giving updates about road closures in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. Road closure press releases are more than just a detour map and closure dates, and I’m happy to share tips with you on how you can maximize yours. A press release about road closures is actually an opportunity to do two things:


  1. Remind the public of why you’re doing the improvement work in the first place.

Use the timeliness of the road closure to explain why this work will benefit the area. Don’t be afraid of repeating the benefits of the project. People are bombarded daily with messages from multiple platforms, so keep in mind that just as you’re getting tired of saying something, people are just beginning to hear it. If the project will increase access to businesses, improve safety and ease congestion, be sure to mention it in your press release.


  1. Reinforce who you are as an Engineer’s Office or Transportation Improvement District.

All communication materials are a chance to show who you are as an organization. In your press release, you can provide more information about your organization by including a quote and a detailed boilerplate. Including a quote in your press release from the head engineer or project lead is another way to restate the benefits of the project and show the public your personality. News outlets can also use the quote in their coverage of the closure. The boilerplate gives the opportunity to explain your mission, and to direct readers to your website and other resources.


For an example of a press release that announces a road closure while explaining the benefits of the project, click here.

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