20 Sep

Why You Need Key Messages for Your Public Works Projects

From speaking to reporters and other stakeholders, to writing social media posts and website content, key messages are critical to ensure you’re consistent and focused in all your communications. Key messages, also known as the foundation of public relations, are usually three clear, concise statements that demonstrate the purpose and benefits of your public works project.


Here are three reasons why you should have key messages to refer to in your communications:


  1. Key messages force you to mention the big picture.
  • Adhering to key messages forces you to relate every road closure, every project update, every interview, etc. back to the big picture of your improvements. Providing context will make your project easier to understand, and it will resonate more with your audience.


  1. 2. Key messages make your project more memorable.
  • As the saying goes, “Just when you’re tired of saying it, they’re just beginning to hear it.” Repeating your key messages consistently throughout all your channels will make your project more memorable for your audience.


  1. Key messages save you time.
  • Once you’ve decided your key messages, you won’t have to go back and decide what to say for every new press release or email-update. You already have the main points you need to refer to, so you won’t have to rework something new with your team each time you have an announcement.


Key messages are largely what make up the “About” sections of websites. Check out our work in the Greater Cincinnati area, including the Clermont County Transportation Improvement District and the Warren County Transportation Improvement District for examples.