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22 May
23 Sep

Products We (Probably) Don’t Need

By Erika Turan, APR Senior Account Executive As I survey my home, I realize sheepishly that despite my tendencies toward organization and de-cluttering, the house is riddled with things we don’t need.  I’m not confessing all of them, but let’s just say you might find a Snuggie, a Chillow https://www.chillow.com/?gclid=CJnnu67Q5rgCFRSVMgodCzAAxw and a squeeze tube that […]

5 Jul

Things I Can’t Live Without…and You Need Them Too! Part One

By Becky Fickenworth, APR Counselor and Project Manager I’m not what you’d consider an early adopter. You won’t find me camping out in line for the latest iPhone, saving my money to buy the latest fashion trend and I don’t think twice about buying used books or used cars. Not because I’m “afraid” of the […]