17 May

Stuck with a Blank Page? Here’s Where to Look for Inspiration

Oftentimes when our team creates blogs, we’re inspired by client work, industry news or random sources of information (like pizza or office dogs). But, every once in a while, writer’s block hits and it feels impossible to come up with anything uniquely new. So, we turn to some of our favorite sources of inspiration to aid us in our time of need.

Social Media
Many people get so irritated by sponsored, promoted or trending content, but we look to it as an easy and interesting way to see what people are talking about. Pay a little more attention to this sort of content and it can be your gateway into the trending conversations happening around you. In addition to this, follow any major industry or media accounts. A few of our favorites are PR Daily and Adweek.

Local Media
If social media just isn’t cutting it, look to your local media. What is happening in your community? What is happening in your industry? Find something that sparks your interest and write about it in a way that is relevant to you. Our go-to’s? Soapbox Cincinnati, The Enquirer and Cincinnati Business Courier.

The Skimm
Local media not enough for you? Your next step is to look internationally. A few of our team members love TheSkimm, a daily email with a hefty dose of international news written in a succinct, quirky and fresh manner. Even if the news doesn’t automatically influence you to write a blog, it could lead to a thought that could lead to another and another… You get the point.

If you’re looking for something about a specific industry or topic, Flipboard could be your answer. This is a handy (and free) little app you can get on your phone or tablet where you customize what you see. When you create your account, you can choose topics that interest you. Content from countless news channels, blogs and online media are filtered through each category, giving you a bank of information for just about any topic. Some of our categories? Advertising, branding, brand engagement, viral marketing, public affairs, social media, and so many more.

Topic Generators
It’s a common saying now, but if all else fails, Google it. In one of these moments, we stumbled across this helpful little tool. The HubSpot Blog Topic Generator enables you to put in three words or topics that are relevant to you and it gives you five possible blog titles. There are dozens of generators out there and even if you don’t take an idea verbatim and run with it, it is a great jumping off point.


As a side note, don’t use one of these in isolation. You’re probably inspired to write every day and you don’t even know it. Pay attention if something sparks your interest, write an idea down as soon as you get it and don’t be afraid to sit and think for a minute. Are you starting to feel inspired? We hope so. These are our go-to’s. What are yours?