10 Jan

Six Ways to Release Energy at Your Desk Job

By Autumn Grace Peterson


I would never claim to be athletic. I was the kid who sat in the middle of the soccer field picking dandelions while her ultra-competitive dad’s vein bulged from his neck as he pled me to go for a goal. To this day, I am told my “run” looks more like swimming on land than a true stride.


Despite being decently uncoordinated, I still get stir crazy at my desk. Going from walking miles to class to sitting at a desk nine to five has been challenging. Therefore, I have assembled a list of tips to dispel the extra energy that bottles up while sitting in a desk chair.


1.Join a rec league

Get a bunch of pals together- or even your whole office- and start a team! You work so well together at work, why not extend that to the court? I joined a volleyball rec league this summer and not only is it a great way to burn calories, it’s fun! Dare I say it, I looked forward to Monday sand volleyball more than Tuesday Taco night, gasp!


2. Walk at lunch

The healing effects of going for a good walk are not a secret, and the strolls don’t have to stop once the weather gets bad. I enjoy going to a grocery store during my lunch break as opposed to standing in line at a fast food counter because not only can I choose a healthy lunch, I also get to peruse the aisles.


3. Stretch

Extend those arms! Kick out those legs! Whenever you’ve hit a tough spot in any of your assignments, stretch it out!


4. Gym after work

I NEVER thought I would recommend this. For years, I was adamantly opposed to gyms. It takes a real woman to admit when she’s wrong… but here I am, with my gym bag stashed in my car. Sometimes the only way to release built up stress is to let your limbs flail on an elliptical.

HACK: Once you go home and plop on the sofa, it is infinitely harder to build up the motivation to go to the gym. Pack your bag and a protein bar for after work so that you don’t put yourself in the way of being coaxed by your couch.


5. Walk it out

Whenever you’re waiting for a response or are facing a temporary writing block, take that trash from your desk and walk it to a trashcan away from your desk. Walk to get some water or visit a co-worker’s desk on the other side of the office.


6. Stress balls

Fidget spinner not cutting it for you? Have a stress ball or light dumbbell stored in your desk for those fidgety moments.



I have yet to try this, but am very eager. Challenge a co-worker to physical test! Race around the office building or arm wrestle… maybe run that one past HR first though.