24 Nov

Influencer Marketing 101

Reach your target audience with genuinely crafted content for meaningful relationships.

By Brittnay Bell

Social media influencers are personas who have built engaged communities on social platforms around their personal brand. Through carefully crafted content, authentic interactions, and witty and engaging personalities, social influencers connect with their followers and build micro communities of users who trust their recommendations and reviews. Partnering with a social media influencer offers brands a unique opportunity to connect with their target audience directly and through a voice that these users trust and believe in. But how do you know if an influencer marketing campaign is right for your company, and who should you work with if it is?

  1. Understand that influencer campaigns are about engagement. Building your brand, following and community can be leveraged to accomplish your goals.
  2. Work with someone who aligns with your brand, mission and values.
  3. Creativity is key. Pick an influencer who is able to think outside the box and create viral content that can be used and repurposed across marketing efforts.
  4. Leverage curated content from partnerships on your owned profiles.

When done right, influencer marketing campaigns can connect your brand with your target audience in a meaningful way, and help boost your overall marketing strategy.