Brittnay Bell, Account Executive

A native Cincinnatian, Brittnay joined the Rasor team as an account executive in 2018. Brittnay started her career at a small non-profit healthcare center managing patient outreach and education. She then went on to spend four years executing retail marketing strategies for a Cincinnati-based Fortune 100 company.

Having worked on the client side, Brittnay has applied that experience to work with Rasor clients including the City of Mason , Cincinnati Arts and Technology Studios and a variety of accounts in the public sector. She has a knack for translating the big picture into actionable plans and executing with precision. Helping clients tell a story to reach and connect with their audience is the driving force behind her work. Above all, she brings thoughtful and innovative communication strategies to client projects to impactfully reach their target market.

Brittnay has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Cincinnati in communications and public relations.



If you could invite five people to dinner, who would they be?

Michelle Obama, Joana Gaines, Chrissy Teigen, Brandon Stanton (@humansofnewyork), and my mom.

Which app would be the last one you’d delete from your phone? Why?

TikTok. I fought downloading the app for nearly a year, and in the midst of the COVID pandemic, I couldn’t resist seeing what the hype was about. I’m now a TikTok fanatic — from the algorithm that consistently delivers relevant content to my #fyp, to the small content creators that go viral overnight, to the trends that evolve and change weekly. I’m obsessed.

When it comes to the radio, which song do you have to turn up really loud?

Anything by 6lack, Luke Combs, or Adele.