27 Aug

I’m a Little Lost

By Libby Esterle

Senior Account Executive

I hate being lost. I hate when things go missing. I hated how the creators of “Lost” punished us viewers with the series finale.

Unfortunately for me, this is actually the second time I’ve written this blog (sort of) as my first version went missing.  Given that, I’m going off memory here and that’s not saying much. Plus, I’m still a little mad at this blog for leaving me in the first place, so bear with me.

Ok, if my memory serves Lost Blog #1 was inspired by yet another weird (cruel?) celebrity baby name- North (rumored to be called “Nori” for short) West. And why stop there? Why not consider Wicked Witch West or Wild West?

While I appreciate uncommon names, I guess I’m a little lost when it comes to naming children monikers such as:  Cricket, Zuma, Sparrow, Kal-El and Apple (Gwyneth, you likely will have a long-standing presence in our blogs if you keep doing and saying such ridiculous things all the time per Erika Turan’s blog about your PR problem)

This got me thinking about other names for other things, products in particular. And I wondered what if:

Frebreze was Stink-Away?

Secret was Fresh Pit?

Pantene was Oil-Be-Gone?

Windex was Smear-No-More?

Assuming that the quality or performance of the product was what you would expect, would it make a difference to you as a consumer?

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