16 May

Fun Ways to Learn, Post-Graduation

Autumn Grace Peterson, Account Associate  

Graduation season is upon us. One thing that terrified me a year ago, when I graduated, was the fear that I would cease to learn. Miami University, my alma mater, is a liberal arts school which gave me the opportunity to study a variety of subjects. I wondered, “if I am doing similar tasks each day in one field, how will I grow?”  


Thank goodness the learning doesn’t stop once you accept your diploma. My job gives me the opportunity to understand subjects ranging from solar panels to roadways to water treatment plants!  


I have found many other ways to expand my mind post-graduation day that I am pleased to share: 


 1. A No Brainer… READ! READ! READ! 

You’ve heard this one since the first grade. Reading is a guaranteed way to not only learn, but expand your vocabulary and increase your critical thinking skills. Ask a friend or colleague about a good book they’ve picked up recently and get to it! 


 2. Podcasts 

Entertaining and easily digestible, podcasts are a great way to learn something new while you’re driving or carrying about your day. Personally, I love “This American Life” and “Design Matters.” 


3. Museums  

Not only do you get to experience what you are learning, you can make a daytime activity out of it. Cincinnati offers free art museums such as the Contemporary Arts Center and Cincinnati Art Museum with constantly changing exhibits to keep your mind sharp! 


 4. News 

Reading the news keeps you in the know. Even news shows with a parody bent, like “The Late Night Show,” keep you aware of what’s going on in the world while entertaining you. 


5. Classes/ Activities  

Learning doesn’t have to be strictly academic. Taking a class or joining a rec sport teaches you about a new subject matter. I joined a rec soccer team over the winter and boy did I learn a lot… about how out of shape I am. 


Learning keeps life exciting and gives you quality things to share and discuss. Although you may not have to pore over a textbook every night post-graduation, prioritizing learning makes life more interesting.