10 May

Short To-Do List Today? Here Are Some Tasks to Add

In the fast-paced and constantly moving marketing communications industry, there are some days where we have mile long to-do lists and 12 hour days and others when we’re done with our client work at lunch time. So when you’ve crossed off everything you had to do, here’s what you can add to your to-do list.

Get Organized
When things are busy, it is always hard to find the time to keep everything organized. You have the time so why not use it to organize that cluttered inbox, clean off your desk and organize your files. A clean desk has more productive benefits than you think.

Plan Ahead
If you know of any big projects down the road, now is the time to plan for them. Create a work plan, do some background research and block out time on your calendar. Do you have any meetings or personal appointments that you’ll need to schedule? Do those now, while the chaos is calm.

Set Goals for Yourself
When you’re going, going, going, you just don’t have time to think about what you want to achieve. Take some time to think about goals you want to accomplish in the next few weeks, months, or even years. Keep them in a place that’s easy for you to see so you can check in on yourself every once and a while.

Pat Yourself on Your Back
Accomplished anything big lately? Reach any of those goals you set? Measure your results and see how you did. Take a moment and reflect on your accomplishments. Very rarely when we’re busy do we have a second to actually appreciate what we’re doing. Try it, it’s good for you.

In the marketing communications industry there is always something you could be doing. Brainstorm any new projects or ways to improve your current projects. Think about an office activity, ways to decorate the office, or a holiday party. Just start thinking!

Teach Yourself Something
Do you use any resources for media monitoring, analytics or other measurement? Check out their sites for any free webinars or tutorials. Most services are so multifaceted you might be surprised what you can learn about them.

Check in
Different clients work on different schedules. If you have nothing to do for your clients, check in with your co-workers to see if you can help support other clients’ projects in any way.

When your to-do list gets short, it usually means it has been pretty long lately. Next time you have a slow day, pick a few things off this list and make yourself busier. But, when a slow day comes along, don’t forget to take a deep breath and enjoy it.