15 Aug

6 Favorite Fortune Cookie Lessons …for Project Management

By Haley Taylor

Project Manager

I work with a brilliant group of writers and marketers at a small Cincinnati marketing agency. I am constantly searching for clever ways to communicate the work I do – the financials, metrics and project management side of the business. Upon examining the accumulated fortunes from packing two lunches five days per week, I began pondering the depth of project management insights one can gain from these tiny glimpses of profundity:

1.     The smart thing is to prepare for the unexpected.

2.     For success today, first look to yourself.

3.     Wherever and whenever possible, keep it simple.

4.     There may be a crisis lurking ahead, be ready for it.

5.     To hear, you must listen with your ears not your eyes.

6.     Keep up the good work, you will be rewarded.

Most of these generic sayings apply to many aspects of life. After all, our days are often spent mastering project management skills and applying them to family, home and career. Our successful teams are prepared and capable of adapting to the unexpected crises that come our way. Each person readily takes on responsibilities and completes their tasks in a timely manner, yet there is much more to a project’s success than merely checking off to-do lists.  All parties listen to and respect each other’s ideas and suggestions; often times it is the subtle tone of a teammate’s voice indicating the timeline is too aggressive and a bit more flexibility is needed.  Work diligently and then celebrate successes!

A bonus fortune cookie lesson – invest the time to create a solid, thoughtful project plan that is created with input from all team members.  After all, fortune cookie says, “It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end!”

The fortune you seek is in another cookie!


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