20 Sep

Five Marketing Déjà vu Moments I Had While Buying a New Home


Written by Victoria Knepp, Consultant

I recently bought a new home (yay!) and sold my first home (*insert mixed emotions emoji here). It’s been incredibly exciting, but also insanely overwhelming. In case you didn’t know, the real estate market is WILD right now. It is for sure a seller’s market, and let’s just not have a conversation about those out-of-this-world interest rates. Woof. Regardless, we’re thrilled to move into our new home and at the same time, know our first home will be so loved by its new owners. Brb, crying tears of joy.


Let me get to the point, here. In the whirlwind of the home searching, buying, and selling experience I have two thoughts: one, it’s quite literally all I’ve been thinking about for months now, and two, there are quite a few marketing parallels I saw, and experienced. Let’s dive in, shall we?


  1. First impressions are a big deal.

Appearances are always important. In the context of home buying, I’d say the majority of the reason you buy a home is because it’s aesthetically appealing, right? Unless you’re buying something to totally gut and renovate it. In that case, I’ll be first in line to watch your episode of First Time Flippers on HGTV.

There’s a reason we have Zillow (and Trulia, and Redfin, and Realtor, the list goes on…) to see glamour shots of homes before we even step foot in them. Those photos are the deciding factor of going to tour the house or not. That house tour is the deciding factor of putting in an offer or not. BUT, if you want those offers, 9 times out of 10, you have to get them in the door, first.

If you recall, this is supposed to be a marketing blog. Here goes. More often than not anymore, your company’s first impression is what is online. Think about your website, your social channels, and your ads – not only what they’re saying, but what they look like too. Ideally, compelling content and engaging design should get people in your door. (If that isn’t the case, I happen to know some marketing experts who can help.)


  1. There are always a lot of players.

When it comes to real estate (and marketing!), first impressions are a big deal. But they’re not always deal breakers.

There can be the most beautiful home you’ve ever seen, but if it doesn’t have the kind of yard you’re looking for, isn’t in your desired neighborhood, or is lacking the amenities you want, deal’s off.

If a company looks picture-perfect from the outside, but the communication strategy, company culture, and customer service aren’t fine-tuned, deal’s off.


  1. Emotions are always involved.

I am very emotionally driven. (Self-awareness is key, folks.) How I feel about something is always at the top of my list. (Lucky for me, my husband is a level of logical I can’t even comprehend.) Regardless of what drives you – emotions are ALWAYS involved.

Every home tour had a vibe. Some smelled a little off and looked a little too lived in. Others had music playing, a warm cookie scent, and snacks (pro-tip, everyone loves snacks). Not only that, some had some iiiiinteresting paint color choices (in my opinion) and others had pretty décor where I could envision us living there. Every home tour was an experience, and we left feeling some type of way.

It’s the same with marketing. It’s important to always communicate the functional benefits. Equally as important are the emotional ones, too. Your company has a brand, and your brand has a voice. You say things in a certain way to communicate not only what you want to say, but how you want people to feel about what you’re saying. Your brand voice highlights your personality. Are you funny and friendly? Professional and knowledgeable? Honest and humble? (Again, if you’re not sure, I know some people who can help – they’re super fun, friendly, and might I add even a little bit funny. Right? I’m funny, yes?)

  1. We will never escape research.

Despite how hard we might try, research is research is research. You know what they say: The more you know. Knowledge is power. Insert other 90’s-esque motivational poster saying here.

In real estate, in marketing, gosh, in everything, research never hurts. Knowing more about what you’re doing, who you’re doing it with, and how you’re going to do it, always positions you for more success.


  1. Good partners make a big difference.

I’d imagine the number of people who buy and/or sell a home entirely on their own is pretty small. Unless you’re coming in with an all-cash offer and waiving the inspection (did I mention the WILD market right now?!), you’ve partnered up with some experts along the way. You at least have your real estate agent, but at some point in the process you likely had a general contractor, an inspector, a mortgage lender, your title agency, and so many others involved.

Who are your partners when it comes to marketing? Whether it’s for years of industry experience and success, bringing a different perspective or skills to the table, or alleviating time and stress from you and your team’s plate, a marketing partner is pretty much always a good idea. A good one that knows what they’re doing is key. Do you know who really knows what they need to know about marketing? Us. (As you’ve seen, I love a not-so-shameless plug.) Let’s chat.