8 Jan

Bringing the “Social” Back to Social Media

By Emily Rogers, Digital Account Executive

January, 2024

Long before the internet and social media existed, the desire for human connection was something that people all around the world strived for. People gathered around campfires and kitchens telling stories and growing closer. Fast forward to the 21st century, and this still is the case, with the added caveat of the internet and social media. The glowing screens of our devices are often seen as a deterrent from reality and connection to those around us. While there is some truth to that, there is no denying that social media is here to stay.

This introduces the idea of bringing the “social” back to social media. In the marketing world, we all know how quickly tactics and objectives are changing. One of the newest — and most highly successful tactics — is affiliate and influencer marketing. Social media influencers are the new-age storytellers, captivating our attention with their adventures, recommendations and personal anecdotes. The industry itself has grown into a $21.1 billion market this year alone. I know we are all asking the same question; “why is this division of marketing taking over the digital world?”

Social media users are on a quest for belonging. They are seeking out people, products and companies who can relate to them. Digital marketing strategies that include influencers can be a direct contact to your target audience to build a sense of loyalty and trust that uniform advertising can’t always achieve. Social media offers the ability to interact with people across the globe with access to more content and connections than ever before. As an individual or a business, it is vital to ensure that your platforms are prioritizing visibility, staying relevant and making genuine connections.

What does this mean for you or your business?

  • Embrace Authenticity: Always consider your audience. Show the human side of your brand.
  • Tell a Story: Don’t be afraid to test out new tactics like influencer or affiliate marketing. These are often some of the most successful ways to quickly move through the marketing funnel and address your desired audience.
  • Foster Connections: Make your audience feel like they are a part of a community. Create a space where they can engage with one another.
  • Cultivate Engagement: Create content that sparks conversations. Ask questions, encourage comments, and be responsive.

If you are ready to take the leap and learn more about social media, influencer or affiliate marketing, there are plethora of tools within our agency and beyond that can get you started on the pathway to success and connection.

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