Emily Rogers, Digital Account Executive

Emily Rogers

Digital Account Executive

Emily Rogers brings over 4 years of digital marketing, social media strategy, and branding experience to Rasor. As a Digital Account Executive, Emily blends her skillful copywriting and her eye for graphic design to craft meaningful content that gives the client’s brand value and depth. Emily managed over 40 social accounts for the region’s largest Skyline Chili franchisee, along with LaRosa’s Pizzeria, First Watch, and Dunkin franchises in addition to locally renowned restaurants.

At Rasor, Emily assists in all things digital marketing. She loves to keep up with all the changing trends and nuances that come along with social media and marketing altogether. She has a passion for client satisfaction and makes it her goal to be as efficient and thorough in every project and quickly approaching deadline. Her successful track record of thoughtfully curated content and tremendous campaign results is a display of her vast array of skills in the world of marketing, advertising, and public relations.

Emily worked for a marketing agency throughout college. There, she was able to work on projects for smaller businesses such as nonprofits, a video production company, the drink brand Hoist, and even large companies such as P&G, where she conducted research and formulated social media campaigns for deodorant and fabric care brands. In addition to the agency, Emily completed multiple marketing internships in college, ranging from the restaurant to the medical industry, for a range of B2B and B2C clients.

Post-graduation, Emily continued her experience within the restaurant industry and played a vital role in the opening of 10 restaurants. Her role earned multiple awards within the company and pushed her to take her career to the next level. As a marketing manager, she organized the store grand openings, conducted engaging digital campaigns, ran the PR and media relations, and wrote social media content.

Emily earned her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Northern Kentucky University, with dual focuses in management and business administration.