13 Aug

6 Possible Social Media Goals That Will Guide Your Content Creation

By: Kaity Dunn, Account Associate

Working for a Cincinnati marketing communications and PR agency means we have to keep our social media content strategies fresh and focused. The best way to decide what type of content to post to your social media channels is to first ask yourself and your company leadership this question: What do you want to achieve by participating in social media? The answer usually falls into the following categories:

  • Increase SEO of your company website
  • Increase awareness of your company
  • Drive sales
  • Use as a recruiting tool
  • Enhance customer service
  • Market and product research

The content you post will vary depending on which goal is most important to your company right now. Below are a few brief tips.

Increase SEO of your company website

  • If the main goal of your social media efforts is to bring people to your website, don’t forget to include a link back to your website in most of your posts. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many people we’ve seen forget this important step. You can measure the influence of social media to your website by using Google Analytics.

Increase awareness of your company

  • Posting useful content that positions you and your team as thought leaders in the industry would be appropriate for this goal.

Drive sales

  • Content designed to drive sales would involve frequently posting promotions and coupons for your product.

Recruiting tool

  • Posts about your company’s culture would be useful in recruiting the best talent.

Enhance customer service

  • If using social media as an extension of your customer service branch is your main goal, your content will focus on asking for feedback and encouraging direct interaction.

Market and product research

  • Social media channels can also be used to gather insights about your product or market. Posts can involve promoting incentives for followers that provide feedback.

I hope this was helpful! What strategy are you currently using for your social media channels? Leave your answers in the comments section.

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