6 Oct

Unlocking the Secrets of Good Key Messaging

By Libby Esterle, Senior Account Executive

Discovery audits are just one of the many services we provide as a comprehensive marketing and communications agency, and they prove very helpful when we are getting to know more about a new client and/or for clients making a significant change, like launching a new name or brand.

As part of our multi-step discovery process─ including materials review, competitive/peer research, key stakeholder interviews, and SWOT analysis─ we also often develop a messaging strategy and key message track that serves as the basis for our client’s communications to ensure consistency across all platforms.

At Rasor, we follow a pretty consistent format for the key message tracks we develop that include an overall message, three supporting “pillar” messages and usually three to four “Reasons to Believe” that fall under each of the pillar messages.

  • Overall message example:

“At ABC Clinic, we strive to provide you with the highest-quality healthcare available and our team of physicians, nurses, and staff are focused on restoring you to your best health as quickly as possible.”

  • Supporting message example:

“We offer a wide range of medical services, including primary care, pediatrics, after hours urgent care, addiction recovery support, vaccinations, and vision care.”

  • Reasons to Believe example:

“With 22 medical professionals on our team, and four offices conveniently located throughout Rice County, our patients never have to travel far to receive top-quality healthcare.”

Finally, while a key message track is designed to be a “living” internal document that should be revisited and revised as needed, it is not meant to be used verbatim. To that end, a strong key message track should include a good deal of copy that can be adapted for collateral materials, social media platforms, website, paid media, PR, and other outreach efforts, as appropriate.

A strong key message track can help you launch everything from web copy to social posts to entire campaigns. When was the last time you reviewed yours?