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25 Nov

Are Christmas Ads Taking an Untraditional Turn?

By Abby Brown, Creative Associate You’ve barely digested all that Halloween candy when you start to see the signs. The decorations already line every retail store in America. The music starts infiltrating your favorite radio station. Your eggnog-loving friend is already getting jolly. Slowly you realize, despite the fact that it’s still early November, Christmas […]

17 Oct

Happy Christmas! Merry Halloween! As for Thanksgiving, You’re Pretty Much Forgotten

By Erika Turan, Senior Account Executive I recently received an email from Pottery Barn. And the subject line sounded as confused as we, the consumers, tend to feel this time of year: “NEW for Halloween & Thanksgiving + Christmas Sneak Peek!” First off, it was September 12. A full six weeks before Halloween, never mind […]

6 Nov

Attention Black Friday Shoppers: You are as Unique as Everyone Else

By Libby Esterle, Senior Account Executive I am not a shopper.  You would be hard-pressed to find me in any kind of department store.  No Macy’s, no Kohl’s, no Dillard’s. In fact, if I can’t find it at TJ Maxx, Plato’s Closet, Sam’s Club or Kroger, I probably don’t need it. That said, when it […]